"How could he resist?": Photoshoot with Tonner Scarlett O' Hara doll

How could Ashley resist kissing her? Here are photos from a Saturday afternoon shoot with Tonner Scarlett O' Hara wearing the beautiful Franklin Mint's "Christmas with Ashley" dress. For me this is one of the most beautiful dresses made for this doll.

I forgot to mention that this doll was sold to me by a friend from the US who got it in a garage sale. It seemed to have been played with extensively and was in dire need of T.L.C. The vinyl was not very clean and the hair disheveled. Well, a good bath, and a repaint plus good conditioner on the hair rescued this Scarlett. Now she's ready to entice Ashley again. Tsk, tsk bad girl!

Fashion Royalty: Bewitching Hour Luchia - how fast can you say Madonna?

In late 2008, Integrity's high end doll line, Fashion Royalty (by Jason Wu, the designer that made US First Lady's Michelle Obama Inaugural Ball dress as well as the one she is wearing on the US Vogue March 2009 cover) gave the W Club it's second doll, Bewitching Hour Luchia. Upon seeing the pre-release photos, almost everyone agreed that she was channelling Madonna's current style. When the dolls started arriving and actual doll photos started to circulate, the impression was even stronger. Luchia was never my cup of tea - she has Isha's sculpt but a Caucasian skin tone (Isha is Indian) and I did not like that one either (have only one in my collection so far). But this re-incarnation was perfection: great skin tone, perfect make up, gorgeous outfit.

The actual doll looks even better than the prototype photos. Only the hair seems a bit stiffer (especially the top part) but that is something that can be corrected - making her in fact look more like Madonna. The resemblance is uncanny, as if the sculpt was made with her in mind. The outfit she comes in is breathtaking: a black coat with big lapels (they could have been just a bit smaller to have perfect proportions) fastened with a corset like belt at the waist, that comes over a salmon pink strapless mini dress, black leather gloves, gladiator knee high boots, black stud earrings and a chain and cross bracelet. Despite the black coat, no staining was found - and none was reported by other people that received the doll.

The corset belt is decorated with studs and ties in the back with silk ribbons. The faux leather is elastic, so that makes it easier to use it. The detail is amazing and I can see this accessory matching with many other outfits. Cannot wait to see this over a white shirt.

The make up is gorgeous. Her skin tone is not the usual Luchia one, but a slightly pinker tone than her usual porcelain skin - FR called it Blush. She has prominent black eye liner, skin tone eye shadow (it IS there, just a bit shiny on the upper lids) and a brown line in her eyelid crease. Brown eye brows frame her blue eyes perfectly. The blushing on her cheeks is perfect - barely there and looking very realistic. Her lips are painted a slightly darker pink than her skin, with a wee touch of gloss, finishing the neutral look in just the right way. Nails both on hands and feet are french manicured.

The detail of the bracelet is amazing. Chrome chain and matching coin-shaped medallions, with two crosses adding the Goth touch. The faux leather gloves are elastic and slip on the hands effortlessly. Their creasing is amazing, adding to the realistic look.

The gladiator boots are incredible. The faux leather ribbons are scaled perfectly, zipping up at the back so that the boots come on the legs easily. The buckles add to the effect and they have platforms too, making the doll stand slightly higher than usual. Female Darth Vader eh?

The pink dress underneath is strapless and micro mini. The top is ruched (micro-pleated according to FR) but this is the only detail that makes it special. It is good but not amazing. It does look like something Madonna would wear in the 4 minutes video clip, so it adds to the overall Madonna effect. This doll is one of the best releases of Fashion Royalty. I hope they keep releasing more like this.

Latest Doll Repaint: Tonner Scarlett 0' Hara doll

I will never get tired of Scarlett -- I guess. It's been a relationship I've had for over 20 years (hint, hint of my age). Why should I? The character taught me "gumption" at a time when I needed it most. I guess it was also the fact that she was unyielding in her want to survive, a complete disregard for what she thought was insensible and her foolishness in love. 

This is Tonner's Waiting for Pa Scarlett. I actually prefer this than the brown-haired version they use for the Basic Scarlett as the black hair frames that "magnolia-white skin". Thus, it is more in keeping with the way Margaret Mitchell describes her Scarlett. This time I took more patience in repainting and wish I did the first time I repainted. Although not really that patient. I do keep retouching and retouching. I am conscious (trying to) about the layering of acrylic. My eyesight though gets in the way. It has gotten blurred after spending much time practicing. Wish I had the right solution to take out the factory paint. Wish I had more of the right brushes (oh those 20/0 and 18/0 brushes). Wish I had more patience too. 

Scarlett is photographed here with available light of 9 a.m. using my 10 megapixel phone camera -- that's why it's rather blurry. 

I've been thinking of getting the "portieres" dress, but it is just too expensive! But that Tonner version is really more in keeping with the Plunkett design, save for the tassels. 

Life is short, a voice inside me says. 

Tomates verdes fritos

Quem não se lembra do maravilhoso filme Tomates Verdes Fritos?

Filme do ano de 1991,
conta duas histórias numa só,
sobre quatro mulheres.

A história de Idgie e Ruth e suas aventuras.

A história da amizade que se forma entre Ninny e Evelyn.

Frase principal do filme:

-The secret of life? The secret's in the sauce.

-El secreto de la vida? El secreto esta en la salsa.

-Qual é o segredo da vida? O segredo da vida está no molho.


Uma dona de casa infeliz ouve de uma velhinha num asilo a
história de uma mulher que desafiou tudo e a todos na juventude.

Moral da história (a lição):

Viver de acordo com as regras que os outros impõem não
garante a aprovação alheia nem a realização, apenas a frustação.

Filme baseado em Livro:

O roteiro do filme foi baseado no livro da escritora Fannie Flagg.

O título do livro é Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe.

A história do filme (Sinopse):

Evelyn Couch (Kathy Bates) é uma
dona de casa emocionalmente reprimida,
que habitualmente afoga suas mágoas comendo doces.
Ed (Gailard Sartain), o marido dela,
quase não nota a existência de Evelyn.
Toda semana eles vão visitar uma tia em um hospital,
mas a parente nunca permite que Evelyn entre no quarto.
Uma semana, enquanto ela espera que Ed termine sua visita,
Evelyn conhece Ninny Threadgoode (Jessica Tandy),
uma debilitada mas gentil senhora de 83 anos,
que ama contar histórias.
Através das semanas ela faz relatos
que estão centrados em duas jovens,
Idgie (Mary Stuart Masterson) e
Ruth Jamison (Mary-Louise Parker).
Idgie desde criança, em 1920,
sempre foi muito amiga do irmão,
Buddy (Chris O'Donnell).
Assim, quando ele morreu atropelado por um trem,
quando seu pé ficou preso no trilho,
Idgie não conseguia conversar com ninguém,
exceto com a garota de Buddy, a Ruth.
Idgie era bem doce,
porém nunca levava desaforo para casa.
Independente, ela faz seu próprio caminho
ao administrar uma lanchonete
em Whistle Stop, no Alabama.
Elas tinham uma amizade bem sólida.
Ruth faz a maior besteira da sua vida
ao se casar com Frank Bennett (Nick Searcy),
um homem estúpido que a espancava,
além de ser secretamente membro da Ku Klux Klan.
Inicialmente Ruth tentou segurar a situação,
mas quando não era mais possível Idgie foi buscá-la.
Idgie logo dá a Ruth um emprego em sua lanchonete.
Por causa do seu jeito de se sustentar sozinha,
enfrentar Frank e servir comida para negros
no fundo da lanchonete, Idgie provocou
a ira dos cidadãos menos tolerantes de Whistle Stop.
Quando Frank desaparece misteriosamente
muitos moradores suspeitaram que Idgie,
Ruth e seus amigos poderiam ser os responsáveis.
No entanto elas fazem um tomate frito que
é reconhecido como uma iguaria por todos da região.
Assim, cativam até os mais hostis,
como também a senhora Evelyn,
que ouve a história e a partir de então
resolve mudar algumas coisas em sua vida.

Posters e fotos:


Kathy Bates (Evelyn Couch)

Mary Stuart Masterson (Idgie Threadgoode)

Mary-Louise Parker (Ruth Jamison)

Jessica Tandy (Ninny Threadgoode)

Cicely Tyson (Sipsey)

Chris O'Donnell (Buddy Threadgoode)

Stan Shaw (George)

Gailard Sartain (Ed Couch)

Gary Basaraba (Grady Kilgore)

Grace Zabriskie (Eva Bates)

Lois Smith (Mãe Threadgoode)

Richard Riehle (Reverendo Scroggins)

Jo Harvey Allen (do grupo de mulheres professoras)

Tim Scott (Smokey Lonesome)
Raynor Scheine (Curtis Smoote)
Afton Smith (Leona Threadgoode)
Danny Nelson (Pai Threadgoode)
Constance Shulman (Missy)
Nick Searcy (Frank Bennett)
Reid Binion (Julian - jovem)
Haynes Brooke (Julian - velho)
Nancy Moore Atchison (Idgie - jovem)
Ginny Parker (Mãe de Ruth)
Macon McCalman (Promotor)

Ficha Técnica:

Título Original: Fried Green Tomatoes
Gênero: Drama
Tempo de Duração: 124 minutos
Ano de Lançamento (EUA / Inglaterra): 1991
Estúdio: Universal Pictures / The Rank Organization /
Act III Communications / Eletric Shadow Productions /
Avnet/Kerner Productions / Fried Green Tomatoes Productions

Distribuição: Universal Pictures

Direção: Jon Avnet

Roteiro: Fannie Flagg e Carol Sobieski
Baseado em livro de Fannie Flagg
Produção: Jon Avnet e Jordan Kerner

Música: Thomas Newman

Fotografia: Geoffrey Simpson
Desenho de Produção: Barbara Ling
Direção de Arte: Larry Fulton
Figurino: Elizabeth McBride
Edição: Debra Neil-Fisher

CD com as músicas do filme
Track List - Original Soundtrack:

1. I'll Remember You
Performed By Grayson Hugh
2. What becomes Of The Brokenhearted
Performed By Paul Young
3. Cherish (Hip Hop Version)
Performed By Jodeci
4. Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead
Performed By Taylor Dayne
5. Rooster Blues
Performed By Peter Wolf
6. Barbeque bess
Performed By Patti La Belle
7. If I Can Help Somebody
Performed By Aaron Hall
8. Cool Down Yonder
Performed By Marion Williams
9. Cherish (Movie Version)
Performed By Jodeci
10. Ghost Train (Main Title)
Conducted By Thomas Newman
11. Visiting Ruth
Conducted By Thomas Newman
12. A Charge To Keep I Have
Conducted By Thomas Newman,
Featuring Marion Williams


- Recebeu 2 indicações ao Oscar:
Na categoria de Melhor Atriz Coadjuvante (Jessica Tandy).
Na categoria de Melhor Roteiro Adaptado.

- Recebeu 3 indicações ao Globo de Ouro:
Na categoria de Melhor Filme - Comédia/Musical.
Na categoria de Melhor Atriz - Comédia/Musical (Kathy Bates).
Na categoria de Melhor Atriz Coadjuvante (Jessica Tandy).

- Recebeu 2 indicações ao BAFTA:
Na categoria de Melhor Atriz (Jessica Tandy).
Na categoria de Melhor Atriz Coadjuvante (Kathy Bates).

Trailer do filme em inglês:

Trailer do filme em espanhol:

Uma cena inesquecível: