Happy New Year

Wishing you all a wonderful year.

May we all be healthy, prosperous and loved.
May our earth be on the mend even if it is getting warmer.
May our dolls not have wonky eyes or uneven hairlines.
May our doll stands support even the wobbliest of bodies.
May our ball jointed dolls hold their poses.
May our photographs be sharp and properly lit.
And may that money tree find it's way onto my property.


Feel free to use any of these free vintage graphic clip-art items found on the web.

W Club Registration for 2011 is Open

Registration opened for the 2011 W Club yesterday.  A beautifully put together brochure is available.
It is a PDF download. Check it out.

The Fashion Royalty upgrade doll is a tanned Kyori in resort wear. Images in this post are the property of Integrity Toys, Inc.
Rising Sun Kyori $90. Plus Shipping (Plus $50 W Club Membership)

Hopefully, the designers will have the factory improve the fit of the jacket which looks awkward and ill-fitting in the prototype. I like big jewelry but this piece does not lay properly on the doll. The shoes look wonderful! Why no fabulous handbag?

The other optional upgrade doll is a rooted Avantguard with a new sculpt.

Spring Kissed $160. Plus Shipping (Plus $50. W Club Membership)
 It was a jaw-dropping moment to see this doll's face. Was she a giant Poppy or a super tall Dynamite Girl? Are the Avantguards to join the enormous ranks of cutesy teenage dolls?
Avantguard Compared to DG Neve
The rooted hair was a surprise. The fashion is very attractive; I want it for other dolls.  It seems out of character in this sophisticated line. I wonder what the top and shorts look like without the jacket on. Following in the wake of Bijou, this doll pales (literally) by comparison.
Collectors have been asking for a new AG sculpt. Is this what they had in mind?

I won't be buying the Kyori but I'm undecided about the AG only for the fashion. It's a good thing that I have until January 21, 2011 to make up my mind.

On a different topic that's sort of related, those of us who joined the 2010 Gene W Club for a year got only 6 months. We definitely should be compensated in some manner.

Waiting For Mortimer

Here is one of my new Evangeline Ghastly dolls. She is called Waiting for Mortimer. The little creature with her is a 5" resin doll called Bella. She's a bat.
Waiting is such a drag.
We'll practice our ballet moves.
Bella is clingy.

Post Holiday Sales

A mix of sale items follow. These shops have many other items on sale as well.

Regular price: $159.95Sale price: $79.95
Regular price: $159.95Sale price: $79.95
In my opinion, the above are two of the worst-looking dolls ever created.

Regular Price $229.95  On Sale $149.99
Fashion Doll Agency Angelic Dreamz Exclusive Petra Doll
Excellent price.

LE 305 $65 Sale $35
TV Ginny (Modern Repro) Two Day Dreamers  Large selection of Modern Ginny dolls at reduced prices.

Price Was $224.99  Sale Price $99.99
Antoinette Doll - Emphatic LE 250  Marl & B

  Regular Price $44.95  Now $24.95
My Favorite Barbie Collection - Black Barbie 2010  - Seller 
Prices for this doll are all over the place. This is about the lowest around.

Was $599.95  Special Value $229.95
A Fashionable Life Cissy   the Toy Shoppe
This is the lowest I have seen this doll. It was originally, ridiculously overpriced. Look at that fashion! I want it. There are other 21" Cissy dolls at lowered prices as well.

Originally $59.99  Now $39.99
The Toy Shoppe   Effanbee (a Tonner Company) Silver Sensation Daphne  (Left)
Doll has the older AR body without bendy wrists. This was a very, very popular doll that sold out everywhere. They must have been hiding in a warehouse somewhere. She is gorgeous!

It's a good time to look around for sales as most companies will be introducing their new 2011 dolls in a month or two. 

Scarlett break: Tonner Galadriel Repaint

Cate Blanchett is a favorite of mine. Lord of the Rings is likewise a favorite piece of literature and one of my all-time re-watched movies. So, how could I deny the opportunity to re-create Galadriel with Cate Blanchett's face on it -- I hope I did it. For this I had to study her features in her SKII print ads. The thing is in those print ads and even as Galadriel, Cate hardly wears makeup. In Elizabeth  and in the Golden Age, she doesn't even have much of brows. But what she has are those soulful eyes, peach ivory skin, and beautiful cheekbones (as a signature: that nose). Very Streep-ian I should say. So, I had to stop myself from adding too much or lose that out of this world look. Cate's talent can be likened to Streep too. Both have their background in theatre, can master accents and have chosen fields of work that challenge their craft. More importantly, both are grounded, much grounded than their heavenly personas which talent creates.
One's hype should not be greater than ones talent I should say. And Cate has it. When she played Kate Hepburn, one critic even said: My God it's Kate!  I couldn't deny Galadriel as part of a collection.
Here she is rising from the light, the lady Galadriel. Hope you all enjoy her portrait. It was a welcome break from Scarlett -- who will make another entrance again in Blue and Black. = )

Merry Christmas

May your day be merry and bright!

Holiday wishes

Doll Winners and Losers of 2010 - My Picks

So many dolls have arrived this year it's mind-boggling to look back.
I do keep an accurate database with images so I know exactly who arrived and when. I also know who was voted off or waiting for adoption.
The following are not all newly released dolls but they were new to my collection this year and deserve their honors. 

Favorite Dolls of 2010
'Blue Horizon' Gene - Part of the Gene Marshall Convention: The Girls from Dream City
Avantguard Mini Clone Set 
'Flame Blue' Vanessa
'Dreamy' Trent - Gene Convention
'Fashion Plot' Gene (Ashton Drake)
Dasha FR2
Elise Jolie FR2
'Dark Desire' Madra (Ashton Drake)
Cami Basic Platinum

'Red Rabbit' Misaki - I haven't had the time to photograph her yet!
'Disclosure' Monogram - "
'Bijoux' AvantGuard Doll - See recent post.
Evangeline Ghastly and all of her fashons. -See recent post.
Numina Devon.  See recent post prior to this one.

Favorite Separate Fashions and Accessories of 2010
—DollyStyle - Fashion"Our Eyes Conected"by Lovesound
—Tonner 16" Antoinette HYPNOTIC Fashion Doll Outfit:
This picture was taken inside the Tonner Company Store quite a while ago. The silver outfit is Hypnotic and it took a long time for me to get.
—PukiPuki  Hand-knitted Outfit
—'Testament' Sybarite Fashion. I had to have this even though I have no Sybarite.
—'Venus Rising' Tonner Anne Harper Fashion

—'Chic Explorer' Outfit By Louisham Louos
 —JamieShow Outfit from Angelic Dreamz

—'Look Of Love' Poppy Parker Outfit. Actually I like all of the Poppy Parker outfits. They are well-designed, tasteful, fit correctly and adorable. 
Modeled by Mini-Gene

—Christian Louboutin Barbie® Shoe Collection - Presentation in the box is beautiful. 
—Giselle and Smoldering Convention Fashions
—Randall Craig 'The Girl Can't Help It';  'Feeling Good' and most of his IFDC convention line.
—Tyler Wentworth’s “Red Hot” fashion. An "oldie." Slinky, red sequined gown.
—Tabloach Wigs for Puki which fit the Monogram Dolls.
—Horseman Urban Vita Collection French Chairs and other Horseman furniture

This was a year in which I felt I had way too many dolls and I looked at fashions and accessories more than acquiring dressed dolls. 

The disappointments were:
This was, for me, the biggest disappointment of the year: 
—Tonner Convention 'Unforgettable' 13” Revlon
Unforgettable - pre-ordering sight unseen can be a disaster.
—'Virtually Stunning' Alex - Coarse and cartoony-looking features ruined this doll's appearance and made me appreciate the original Alex even more. Why was this gal turned into an Amazon?
Left: Original Alex Body   Right: New Alex Body
 Today I acetone-removed her lip paint and eyebrows and she looks much better already! I am going to attempt a partial repaint.

—Deneuve - I could not love her face no matter how hard I tried.  Her body was wonderful.
—'Tricks of the Trade' Eugenia Perrin Frost - The fashion was not fashionable.
I think several design possibilities were overlooked. ;-)
—Vaughn Workshop Doll - My straightforward one-word opinion of this doll started a shit storm. The word was ugly.
Image by Petra Elise used by Permission
—Kesenia - Ridiculous looking mouth was created when the vampire fangs weren't painted in.

—Jordan 'Fire Within' - A sad mess in her overly youthful fashion and under-developed facial
screening. I did a partial repaint and sold her so I wouldn't be reminded of how much I paid for her. Loved the earrings and shoes.
This year we saw Fashion Royalty dolls' prices slashed by Integrity for the first time ever. It began with the discontinued Gene Marshall line and once they crossed that barrier, which had to have been an ego blow, they went forward with everything else that couldn't sell at retail.

I will be way more careful next year with the 12" dolls. Some of the dolls were pre-ordered with a kind of magical thinking that I'd love them. It was painful to see the gorgeous exclusive Nadja go on sale for half's still up there.

My list of wonderful acquisitions is by no means complete. Compared to the amount of items I collected, the list of disappointments is small—but if you collect dolls, you will agree that every disappointment hurts.

During the year I added to my Silkstone, Tiny Kitty and Cissette collections. I'm still hunting for Tiny Kitty's Dress Shoppe.  The Silkies are useful for displaying Fashion Royalty 1st generation articulated body (short) fashions. They fit the Silkies almost perfectly! The Silkie I really wanted was ridiculously expensive so I didn't get her. I do draw the line once in a while.
Cissette has an unexplainable attraction for me. How did they get all the pieces of this fashion onto this little doll? It's so over the top.
Look how cute she is next to Cissy.

Time to wrap up this way-too-long post. I'd love to hear what your favorites and disappointments were in 2010.