Twilight Jane from Mattel

Every now and then I give in to my 'dark' side and buy a Pink Box item from Mattel.  I liked Jane's cloak. The price was right as I used my $20. coupon.  She doesn't look quite evil enough. I still like her.

Her cloak is sewn shut at the front seam. It will be quite easy to rip the thread open and put in hooks and eyes. What I didn't expect was sewn on gloves! Weird.

Silvery Rose Ingrid LE50 by Joe Tai

All the discussion last week about the face on the Hayworth doll looking like Joe Tai's Ingrid got me looking at Joe's dolls and thinking that I really would like to have one.  When I came across Silvery Rose Ingrid, a 12" doll, I bought it and I am very happy with my purchase.
Ingrid's box is very pretty with it's floral design. The ties are elastic. She wasn't all that easy to remove from the box but when I did get her out, she was in excellent condition with no damage from having been packaged for about two years.
 She arrives unwigged.
It's a wonderful saran wig and like all of Joe's wigs, it's a hard cap which makes it extremely easy to put on and remove. This one is an extravagant collection of dips and braids.

The necklace can be used to adorn the gown's bodice or to wear as jewelry. Ingrids hands can be removed to put on the bracelets and to make redressing easy.

The gown itself is two pieces consisting of a metallic silver bustier top and a fully sequined ball gown style skirt. It comes with a separate crinoline. A little surprise awaits under the skirt as Ingrid is wearing pink and white striped panties. Completing the fashion are black gloves, 4 bracelets, stockings, earrings and shoes.
The base of the doll stand is signed by hand and I'm guessing they were all signed. I'll have to ask the dealer.

I paid $118. plus shipping for Ingrid. I could not find a lower price for any of Joe's dolls. This doll is currently available at the Doll Peddlar although that is not where I bought mine. Doll Peddlar has several other Joe Tai dolls available including his 16" dolls Jo Kanaeva and Jo Bessonova.

'Breaking Dawn' Set

Here are two pictures from the set of Breaking Dawn in Vancouver.

xoxo, Erika

Lady Gaga - Born This Way

For you have been waiting a long time, here it finally is the music video for Lady Gaga's Born This Way!

xoxo, Erika

Bieber Day

Since it's Justin Bieber's birthday tomorrow I thought that I should only update about Justin Bieber. Of course Justin Bieber will be today's hottie (duh - it is his birthday). So now you know: Only newa sbout Justin Bieber.

xoxo, Erika

Proper Use of Selective Focus

Every now and then I come across a photograph in which the shooter uses selective focus with a purpose that really works and isn't just being used to be cute.

Creatively MJ, aka Matty,  posted this image on Prego recently. The focus (and the composition) takes the viewer's eye directly to the bauble but leaves you aware of the fashion and the doll that is wearing it. I love this.

If your camera has the ability to do a closeup that allows the background to blur out (selective focus), ask yourself what your intent is. There is no right answer, of course, but if you are doing it just because you can, it can get tiring.

When I was doing wedding photography I often used a filter called a center spot. It had a clear center of about 1/3 of the total lens. The area around that was diffused. I used it most often for portraits of the bride in which I wanted her face sharp and the rest of the image to have a dreamy look.
I'm going off the topic here but I am really glad those days are over.

You can follow Matty on his blog at

The Secret Life of The American Teenager

Are you excited for the new season of The Secret Life of The American Teenager? I am! I have been following the show sine the first episode. Here 22 promomotional pictures for season 4 :)

I love that dress!

Aww, they look so cute together!

I can't wait for I'm Like Sooo Undercover!

He's hot :)

Pretty dress!

I love her hair in this picture :)

She look so sweet and innocent in this picture :)

Nice outift XD

Ricky, Ben or Jack? Who is your favorite?

He is an awesome actor!

She is an awesome actress!


xoxo, Erika

Natalie Portman wins Best Actress Oscar

"Natalie Portman praises the other nominated actresses in her category when accepting her Academy Award."

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Happy Birthday Karolina

Today model Karolina Kurkova turns 27. Happy 27th birthday Karolina and have an awesome birthday! Wish Karolina a happy birthday you too :)

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picturen source:

Zendaya NBA All Star Weekend

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Back To Max

Here are some stills from the upcoming episode of Disney Channel´s Wizards of Waverly Place. The new episode 'Back To Max' premieres Friday March 11th on Disney Channel (USA) at 8 PM.

I kind of like Harper's hat...

That little girl is a really good actress!

Alex's outfit is so cute XD

I like Harper's cardigan. It's pink XD

Cool :)

Do you want me to post this episode after is has aired on Disney Channel? Note: that's if I can find it.

Who is you favorite character on Wizards of Waverly Place?

xoxo, Erika