05. Condamnée

IAMX - I Am Terrified

Tu m'as condamné à une vie d'esclave.

New Cissy: Be Afraid; Be Very Afraid.

Here is one of the new Cissy dolls from the 2010 Madame Alexander line. What is up with the terrifying-looking dolls this year? Is it a reaction to the economy and the weather or what? The gown is gorgeous. The stockings and shoes are to-die-for. But the face and the hair. OMG. This is the stuff nightmares are made of.
The names of three of them are laden with emotional overtones. Lust is one and sorry I don't remember the others but I will fill in the blanks later today.
From what I've been reading on the internet, the reaction to these dolls is very bad. It's another "What Were They Thinking?" event.

Addendum: Tonner 2010 "What's my lamb gonna wear?"

Thanks to Jenn for referring these to me. They're from Angelic Dreamz -- one of the best places to get your dolls.

Did Mammy drop her jaw?
Is Scarlett finally going to wear it?

You the collectors be the judge.
                    (Left) 16"Scarlett (below is the 8" cutie Tara Scarlett)  
                            (Right) 22" Scarlett with different face mold
 (L-R) My Mother's Portieres,  22" Whats my Lamb gonna wear?, 16" Dressed like Racehorses  
Check out for more of the Tonner 2010 line. 

Why don't they listen?: Tonner 2010 "What's my lamb gonna wear?"

Image from Tonner Doll Co.

It was a photo that would have made Mammy jiggle with laughter and made her Scarlett, pout with dismay. After the long wait and anticipation that fueled forums and collector's groups, the lamb probably made a poor choice, and Mammy would probably have her way in making Scarlett wear another dress so as not to "sho her bosom befoh three o' clock da afternoon". 

A fixed photo to show less prints, emerald in color and a fixed face sans widow's peak.

Like Lions for Lambs
Tonner's "What's my lamb gonna wear" elicited nothing but sheer disappointment; collectors emailing words like lions tearing the concept with words that validly critiqued the PR photo. I can actually feel my adrenaline rushing down, down, down.
The color of the prints were too light and not aligned with the color of the sash.
The hairstyle of the PR photo was said to be a bad perm day. Reminded me of those 80's gel-filled hair (Desperately seeking Susan, is that you?) But that's fix-able.
The number of prints were so not what you see on film.
Sadly, I could almost hear the guffaws of laughter from Franklin Mint Scarlett loyalists. There are some.

Why are we consoling ourselves?
As I mentioned to one member: a film as great and impactful as Gone with the Wind must be interpreted faithfully, as all great films should be, in merchandise. The barbeque dress is unmistakably Scarlett. Worn in 2 sequences, and 6 scenes in GWTW, why the miss?  Somehow, it is in these dresses, and in the likeness of the doll that a legend perpetuates even 70 years later. Could there have been a copyright with the prints that did not allow Tonner to fully copy them? If you can't make a faithful copy, then be good at making your own interpretation is my answer. Franklin Mint has its own version of the 12 Oaks Dress. It's safer. You don't get compared to, but seen as an interpretation of.  Case in point, Tonner's version of Melanie. There was no room there to compare because it was a beautiful interpretation capturing the mood that Mitchell created. And so, Tonner's Melanie/Ms. Mellie survives by its own merits  and does not suffer because of its failure to live up to the merits of an original. If customer satisfaction is the goal of any manufacturer in the world, why are we consoling ourselves? If one were to blame them of anything at all, perhaps it would be the lack of substantial awareness -- ahh despite the resources from which awareness can be obtained.  However, as collectors we tend to forgive, and forget.

Just a prototype?
Still, because of its reputation of making changes, the GWTW doll customer is hoping that it's just a prototype, it may change (remember how they suddenly switched Scarlett molds?) The Press Release photo is really an AP = Audience Release photo. Oh the Press wouldn't care perhaps, but the collectors  really give a damn! A company as big as FM or Tonner has the power to listen, to survey, to research. So why didn't they? This is the most perplexing point of the entire 2010 Tonner Scarlett reveal!

But like Scarlett, we hold on to our hopes. That the dress may actually be better, that there might be a better release. Why do collectors have to act so silly just to catch a new dress? Well after all, tomorrow is still another dress. Or am I just consoling myself?

What Were They Thinking? Part II

I let this image sink in for two days before I wrote this post. When I first received the email containing the pictures of this new Avant Guard doll, Hot Trot, I thought of the Inferno Vita doll with her fire orange streaked hair and black eyes. The more I looked at this doll, the worse she gets. I've said it before, these dolls have ugly knees. The shape of this gown accentuates her knees. It's just awful. I might like it better if the hem were the length of the front of the gown and even all around. It's an awkward, unbalanced design and it's not pretty. What happened to pretty? What's going on with the ties on the shoes? What is hidden behind the front leg?The other 2010 Avant Guard doll is called On Edge. She has the Goldmine sculpt which I like better than the closed mouth. I like the short black wig and I think she is very pretty. The feather cape is ... well I can't find the words. The bust of the dress looks like it doesn't fit properly but that could be the photo. The shoes are the same ones that came in the accessory set from last month! So it's just another AG with bright blue eyeshadow and red lips. I like the gloves if that makes a difference.
These dolls could have been called Feathers, Over and Under. Whatever. I will probably put my money somewhere else.
Both: Retail Price $220. Edition size 400.

Fuggedaboudit Poppy Parker Trio

There's nothing new here, no unique design or hair style. She's little Miss Mary Tyler Moore.
Each color will be available in a quantity of 100 as follows:
Gigi's Dolls and Sherry's Teddy Bears-Blonde/lavender: The Doll Peddlar-Brunette/pink:and My Favourite Doll-Redhead/turquoise:
Price for each doll in Integrity's Forget Me Not collection is $80.

What happened? Did someone let the air out of the PP balloon? Did someone get bored?

Lost Amnia, text #12


Elle rampa nue comme un vers sur son corps glacé en se tordant tel un serpent tandis que sa langue se baladait sur son torse. Le contact de ses seins frêles et fermes frôlant sa peau le fit frissonner. Il se redressa, lui saisit les fesses, alors qu'elle glissait ses bras de chaque côté de son visage pour l'embrasser. Ses petits gémissements rapides l'excitaient et elle était une des seules à se laisser volontiers mordre. Aucune autre femelle de la troupe parmi celles avec lesquelles il s'amusait à l'occasion ne le toléraient réellement. Il la croqua à plusieurs reprises, commençant par sa langue puis ses lèvres et enfin ses seins, s'interdisant de boire, son organisme ne pouvant tolérer que le sang des humains, mais c'était si bon de sentir son corps brûlant appuyé contre le sien. Ses mains se perdirent dans ses cheveux, il ferma les yeux. Les frottements de sa peau contre la sienne étaient pour lui un tel délice qu'il ne put s'empêcher un court instant de planter ses griffes dans sa chair lui déchirant les épaules. Elle cria sous la douleur mais ne s'interrompit pas pour autant. Pour calmer les ardeurs de son partenaire, elle lui ramena les bras derrière le dos, les maintenant fermement tout en continuant de l'embrasser. Il se laissa faire, jouant le jeu. Les mouvements de leurs corps s'accélérènt et il sentit son désir atteindre son point culminant. La jeune femme se leva alors brusquement, sans explication, comme pour le narguer qu'elle pouvait tout stopper à tout moment mais furieux qu'elle ait osé le couper net, il la fit glisser sur le sol afin de terminer ce qu'ils avaient commencé et l'écrasa de tout son poids pour qu'elle ne puisse plus lui échapper. Elle ne se débattit pas et le laissa à nouveau prendre possession de son corps. Le vampire sous la colère devint rapidement rude et brutal; il allait et venait en elle violemment lui griffant sauvagement les cuisses et grognant comme une bête folle. Il jouit rapidement mais le plaisir ne fut cette fois qu'à sens unique. Quand il eu finit, il la repoussa et l'invita à quitter rapidement la pièce. Elle ne lui en voulut pas, il était ainsi, elle le savait. Lui souriant comme pour s'excuser de l'avoir provoqué, elle se leva, se rhabilla rapidement et se glissa hors de la chambre discrètement. Dans le couloir alors que ses blessures commençaient doucement à se résorber, Calyte croisa Constantinople et lui baisa la joue avec tendresse.

"Arguès est tout à toi."

If Barbie Dolls Were Articulated...

...would Mattel charge $150 for a doll like December Turquoise?

One year ago, Mattel introduced their Princess and the Frog doll.
Here are images from the Disney cartoon.
Integrity's interpretation of Tiana is very nice. She is a pretty doll. This version and another are going to be sold through Ashton-Drake Galleries only. The price is $149.99 and an edition size is not listed.

Basic Barbie styled by CFDA Designers

Barbie, as most collectors know already, is no stranger to real-life designers making outfits for her. She celebrated her 50th Anniversary last year with a spectacular runway show at New York Fashion Week. Mattel recently introduced the Barbie Basics dolls, who come wearing little black dresses, have various skin colours and haistyles. Five acessory kits were also introduced to allow the owners to personalize their look. To celebrate the launch, 12 of the top CFDA designers have dressed some of these basic Barbies: Tory Burch, Isaac Mizrahi, Rachel Roy, Justin Giunta, Lorraine Schwartz, Alexis Bittar, Monica Botkier, Deborah Lloyd of Kate Spade, Philip Crangi, Albertus Swanepoel and Devi Kroell, all gave the perennial fashion doll some stylish garments, recycling their own iconic pieces.

Tory Burch

Kate Spade

Justin Giunta

Lorraine Schwartz

Isaak Mizrahi

Devi Kroell

Rachel Roy

Monica Botkier

Alberuts Swanepoel

Phillip Crangi

Each of the one-of-a-kind dolls will be auctioned off on Ebay. The proceeds will benefit the CFDA Foundation and the organization's scholarship and educational programs. The auction goes live on January 28th at 10pm EST and will run through February 7th. To bid visit

All photos courtesy of Mattel Inc.

Tonner Miss Melly Hamilton: The Loving Heart

"She was a tiny, frailly built girl, who gave the appearance of a child masquerading in her mother's enormous hoop skirts--an illusion that was heightened by shy, almost frightened look in her too large brown eyes. She had a cloud of curly black hair which was so sternly repressed beneath its net that no vagrant tendrils escaped, and this dark mass with its long widow's peak, accentuated the hart shape of her face. Too wide across the cheek bones, too pointed at the chin, it was a sweet, timid face but a plain face, and she had no feminine tricks of allure to make observers forget its plainness. She looked--and was--as simple as earth, as good and small of stature, there was a dedate dignity about her movements that was oddly touching and far older than her seventeen years."
 (Margaret Mitchell's description of Melanie Wilkes)

I've always believed that Gone with the Wind presented -- perhaps not intentionally by its author, the spirit of the South as iconized by its 4 principal characters.
If Scarlett was the South's clenched fist raised against the destructions of war ("I shall rise again!), the other spirit is that of honor, grace and silent fortitude. A spirit best emulated by Miss Melanie Hamilton Wilkes.  She would be Scarlett's one true friend who Scarlett sets aside and remains oblivious to, in face of her one true love -- that is, until the end.

Here is Tonner's Miss Melly Hamilton, 2nd in the Melanie Wilkes dolls -- and the way I see it, the best of Tonner's GWTW creations. She wears a nice pale blue (is it organza?) gown that truly complements her peaceful, serene nature. It is a gown/dress worn during the first encounter with her husband's seductress. An encounter that establishes the contrasting natures of these two characters: Scarlett's low neckline dress vs. Melanie's all-covered up sweet ensemble. Of all the Tonner dolls of Gone with the Wind, I believe this one captures the character's mood and tone. The mold is absolutely exquisite: executed with soft features and painted delicately with brown eyes and rose-red lips (something that the actress  never wore and who insisted that she wear less makeup to be more in period). The doll's hairstyle is truly Victorian in design. While I am not  well-versed on how these hairstyle is done done, I really think that Olivia de Havilland had rolls under her hair to create that puffed up look on the sides.
(Image from

Miss Melly comes with a very rough tulle that spreads her dress edged with 3 layers of ruffles. Her pink sash is pleated and accented with 2 long sashes on the side. The doll's bonnet is also a charmer; also accented with the pale pink sash color, with a ready ribbon on which hooks are attached to hold keep the ribbon intact (saves the doll collector the tiring task of making the perfect ribbon). The pink sash sash on the skirt and the ribbon on the bonnet have white satin that outlines its shape. Miss Melly Hamilton comes with pale blue pumps, without a buckle similar to the 1st Tonner Melanie (which I think was really more in period).

Her gray organdie dress, with its cherry-colored satin sash, disguised with its  billows and ruffles how childishly underdeveloped her body was,  and the yellow hat with cherry streamers made her creamy skin glow. 
(Margaret Mitchell's description of  Melanie's dress at Twelve Oaks whereupon she meets Scarlett)

Black lace gloves protect Miss Mellie's fragile hands.
Three layers of ruffles adorn the edge of this dress.

It is hard to think that this doll requires anymore repainting as she is beautiful as she is. However, I am still finding time to finally venture into painting an Olivia as Melanie. After doing so many Scarletts, it's hard to get a paradigm shift -- spoiled Southern belle to graceful one.
The doll has many possibilities too aside from being a Melanie, since it isn't done in the likeness of the actress. One could do a Jane Eyre, or a young Queen Victoria with it -- and if you do repaints professionally, the shape of the face could make her a Jackie O -- with the right hairstyle of course. But that is taking the spirit out of this nice Civil War masterpiece.

"...under his smile, a little sparkle had come into Melanie's eyes, so that even Scarlett had to admit that she looked almost pretty. As Melanie looked at Ashley, her plain face lit up as with an inner fire, 
for if ever a loving heart showed itself upon a face, it was showing now in Melanie Hamilton's". 
(Gone with the Wind)

Victorian Reveries

I've been searching the internet during free time to see possible Scarlett dresses. I was looking particularly for this costume for Little Women (1991?) designed by Academy award winner for Costume Design, Colleen Atwood. Materials were gathered from vintage shops. This scene where an adult Amy March is in Paris, shows an elegant and soft day dress which I think would go well with the dolls. Notice the embroidery and the veiled hat which hides her face. The paper parasol is also a nice touch to this costume. Notice too the little combs on the side of the hair and the elaborate hairstyle given to the doll.  It is hard to find the time for detail though. Above, the pink day dress in the parlor is also soft and rich. I surmise this is some kind of China silk. Wish this could be done. But still waiting for the Tonner GWTW  2010 release on the 29th. There still is nothing like having your own OOAK.  And I think these dresses would make an idyllic Victorian portrait.

Lucy Gallant

I became a big fan of the designer Edith Head years ago while researching fashions for my dolls. I bought the DVD "To Catch a Thief" and one of its extra features was "Edith Head and the Paramount Years". There were several short clips from the fashion show in the film "Lucy Gallant". It became my mission in life to get my hands on that movie. Unfortunately, "Lucy Gallant" has never been released on video or DVD. After many months of searching, I was able to buy a copy of the film on DVD. I was so excited! The story in the movie is OK, but the fashions are wonderful. Not long after that, there was a convention for Gene based on that film. I didn't get to go to the convention, but I recognized the fashions from the convention immediately. I was bummed that I had been beaten to the punch again (It happens to me all the time).

One of my favorite fashions from the movie, besides the red and white gown and coat, was a red suit and coat ensemble in the fashion show at the end of the movie. I have been planning on making this outfit for years and I finally did it.

The suit and sleeveless coat are made of wool. I love the fur trim around the armholes. The biggest challenge was finding the fur for the outfit. In the movie, Edith Head describes the fur as sealskin, I knew I need to find the flattest fur I could, to have the same effect.

The real coat was completely lined in fur. I tried that in my little doll coat and I felt it was too bulky. I decided to only use the fur on the collar, armholes and down the front of the coat. It would have been great if I could have made it like the real coat, because then it would have been reversible. The fur around the armholes is a little thicker than I originally wanted it to be, but there was a bulk issue again. I am still pleased with the results.

My new "It's a Cinch" makes a wonderful model. I love her!

I even made faux umbrellas out of wooden shish kebab skewers, beads, fabric, interfacing, glue, ribbon, and a black sharpy pen.