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A Jason Wu Design

Hat and fur collar removed from Eugenia

From Runway to Doll Collector

A  public relations firm representing Madame Alexander Doll Co. recently asked me if I would advertise Jason Wu's new Cissy dolls. They sent me promotional photos and text. They were not able to send samples for me to examine and review. I actually did post images of his collaborative efforts in January 2010 after I saw them at IDEX.  This is not exactly what pr had in mind but it's lots of fun looking at Jason's runway shows and seeing which aspects have been applied to the dolls.

Today I was watching a slide show of Jason's Fall runway show when I saw this image:

I thought to myself, "I've seen that before."

This little beauty is called "Bon Bon." She is one of the new NeoCissy dolls designed by Jason Wu for Madame Alexander. She's just 16" tall with 15 points of articulation. Each is a LE 200 with a retail price of $159.95. The description on the MA website goes like this:
16”, African-American NeoCissy, with 15 points of articulation, has brown eyes, cropped, black flocked hair and silver nails, She wears an off-white corselet combined with a skirt that features three layers of gathered white netting that have a white flocked, polka dot detail. Her look is finished by silver rhinestone earrings, dark brown tights, hot pink vinyl, lace-up, platform shoes and a hand shaped hat, of black and white houndstooth trimmed with black soutache.
I adore the hat!

Bon Bon is one of three Neo Cissy dolls which will be available this fall. Another is "L'Enfant Terrible,"

 "16”, NeoCissy, with 15 points of articulation, has green eyes, bright red hair worn in a side-parted ponytail and, black nails. She’s dressed in a bra-top bodice that has a black fishnet neckline and sleeves combined with a black mini- skirt. Her look is finished with silver rhinestone earrings, black undies with attached garters and black stockings, bright green open-toed booties with platform heels and a black feathered eye patch, trimmed with jet caviar beads."
I couldn't find a Jason design with similarities to L'Enfant Terrible. He's done many bubble-type minis so I'll keep looking. Perhaps a representative from the company (who may be reading this) will send me a link to an image that relates to this doll's fashion. Anonymous is fine. ;-)

and last "Blu Belle."

"16”, NeoCissy, with 15 points of articulation, blue eyes, a side-parted blue Afro and black nails, wears a black taffeta, dropped waist, mini dress. The bodice has a peach ribbon detail, stitched to look like a corset and, an overlay of ruched, black net with white, flocked, polka dots. The same net also trims the pleated skirt. Her look is finished by nude pantyhose, orange vinyl, platform sandals with orange suede rosettes, silver rhinestone stud earrings and a lacy black eye mask that comes with sticky dots to adhere the mask to the face."

 Similar enough!

Tricks of the Trade Eugenia Frost

Last week a dealer posted some IRL images of this Eugenia in an eBay auction. A collective sigh of relief was heard from collectors and I know quite a few that contacted their dealers to order the doll. The power of a good photograph comes through once again.  I didn't think the promotional photograph was bad; it was the outfit that worried me. Her light eyebrows are an easy fix so that was not a concern. I love Eugenia's sculpt.

She was delivered today. There were no surprises. She looks exactly like the promo. The outfit is a collection of ideas that do not relate to eachother - overdone and undisciplined. There are so many styles and doodads piled on that the effect is comical. So I made it even funnier. The fur collar makes Eugie look like she has no neck. It would be nice on a sweater or a coat but not on this strapless mini-dress.

On the positive side, the shoes are stunning. Make sure you use a needle nose pliers to open the elastic loop prior to putting the shoes on in order to avoid over stretching and possibly breaking it. In this case, patience pays off and the shoes fit properly and stay on. I will probably remove the feathers as that is another useless item.

Trick sports a beautifully blended color saran hair which is pulled back into a low pony tail which is crimped. Is there anything the designers said 'no' to? I hope her head is fully rooted as I believe she will look gorgeous with her hair down.

Once the extra "fashion'  accessories are removed, she begins to emerge. She is stunning. Her dress is chic and young. The beaded lace stockings are gorgeous. Instead of the weird hat, I would have enjoyed a nice clutch in the same fabric.

Eugenia is a LE 600. Retail price is $139.00.

This season's Foundation Collection is marred by a disconnect between fashion and style. The two separate fashions, which have not yet arrived, continue this strange mix of shapes . The two images below are the property of Integrity Toys.


  One hopes that the designer(s) can rein in their tendencies to put everything on one doll and call it edgy. Let's go for class once again.

This link:, if you haven't discovered it yet, will provide you with a wonderful source of current and past Jason Wu Dolls. You can browse back through the years to see how the dolls and fashions have changed.  I use it all the time! You can drool over "Toast of Paris" and "Evening Chill" Raven Veronique. Even if you have the dolls, it's fun to see the original promotional images again.
Besides Fashion Royalty dolls, there are databases for Hollywood Royalty, Valia, Monogram, Model Behavior/Nu.Fantasy/Nu-Face, Misaki, Monsieur Z, Dynamite Girls, Poppy Parker, Brides of Dracula & Dark Hunters.


Convention Goodies- Midnight Madra Lord

I need to post more on my blogs, so I am going to blog about all the cool stuff I received and bought at the convention until I finish my next batch of Gene fashions.

Right now I have only 4 Madras, "Deep Rose", "Love Madra", "Special Scene Madra", and "Midnight Madra Lord" I hope I will be able to add more Integrity Madras in the future though.

This blog is about my favorite Madra, "Midnight Madra Lord" she is so gorgeous.

Her gown is very high fashion it was inspired by this Madame Grès creation. I love it in navy blue. The only thing I don't like are the gloves. I took them off as soon as I deboxed her because I was worried about staining, then I couldn't get them back on. Most of the IT Gene's gloves are impossible to put on though.

I love the color and style of her hair. I have been snipping off the stray hairs with little scissors though to clean up her hair-do.

Her face is gorgeous. Her lips are a dark red and eye make-up matches her dress.

This is the picture that made me say, "WOW!" I love the halter back.

Midnight Madra is wearing a new outfit now and is waiting for me to take more pictures of her.

Will the Real Miss Piggy Please Stand Up?

This is the new 11" version of Tonner's Miss Piggy. There is already a 16" Miss Piggy in this outfit. The other difference is this version has her gloves and shoes painted on. What a drag. That makes the doll fairly useless. It's too bad because she is adorable in this size. Retail price $64.99 but I've seen it for less.

Below is the new 2010 basic Miss Piggy whose clothing and wig are removable. Retail price is $99.99. As always with Tonner items, shop around for a price below retail.

The "Fifth Avenue Pig" has been nominated for a 2010 Dolls Award of Excellence. This is an articulated 16" doll wearing a tailored suit with gold shoes and gloves, faux fur trim on the hat and jacket and pearls. It cracks me up. If Miss Piggy the puppet didn't have such a memorable personality this doll would just be a pig. But she is definitely a Divine Swine. Retail Price for this LE300 doll is $169.99.

I can't get the disturbing resemblance out of my mind now that I've seen these two side by side.

Tonner's Alice in Wonderland Collection

This pale, lovely vision in white is "Mirana" The White Queen who was played by Anne Hathaway in the movie. The retail price is $189.99 with an edition # of 1000.
16" Tyler BW Body w/ Unique Pale Skintone
Anne Hathaway is a vision of beauty as MIRANA - THE WHITE QUEEN. Her likeness is exquisitely captured in this breathtaking TCF™ which arrives wearing a frothy white confection sprinkled with silver snowflakes and trimmed with glittering mesh and silky ribbon. The dress is accented with a glittering chiffon apron and downy chiffon bow in the back. Around her neck, she wears a shimmering necklace of rhinestones, trimmed with net ruffles. Pantyhose and white faux leather boots also included.

This is Iracebeth, The Red Queen. She's got a huge head on a Tyler BW body. The retail price is $199.99 with an edition # of 1000.
16" Tyler BW Body w/ Blue Eyes and Unique Pale Skintone
"Off with their heads!" Helena Bonham Carter's breathes extraordinary life into IRACEBETH, the vile RED QUEEN. This phenomenal TCF™ captures her unique likeness, and comes clad in rich gown with a soft, flocked bodice, gleaming stomacher with contrast stitching, high standing collar, slim lamé sleeves with ruched overlay and ribbon trim, a decadent brocade skirt with custom heart embroidery on the front inset panel, full petticoat, custom printed card suit tights, lace-up faux leather gold boots with black lace overlay, and jeweled crown.
After a very long wait for approval, the likeness of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter doll has been approved and is now available for purchase. The doll retails for $224.99. Edition size is 500.
The amount and quality of detail is tremendous. Here is Tonner's description:
17" Matt Body w/ Green Eyes and Unique Pale Skintone
TARRANT is the quintessential MAD HATTER! Brought to life by none-other-than Johnny Depp, TARRANT - THE MAD HATTER features an extraordinary likeness of the film's most ludicrous character, and showcases one of Tonner's most incredibly detailed costumes to date. He arrives wearing a soft cotton dickie under a custom printed vest with a smattering of gold buttons, custom printed neck scarf, twill trousers with custom embroidery and lace trim, and miss-matched socks under faux leather lace-up boots. The MAD HATTER's jacket is every bit as detailed with a safety pin attached with multi-colored ribbon streamers, lace trimmings around the cuffs, lace-up draping in the back, custom bird embroidery, and bandolier comprised of resin spools of thread with a fine chain. Of course, his ensemble wouldn't be complete without his signature top hat with flowing sash, jeweled hat pins, and 10/6 tag.
Tarrant - The Mad Hatter

Design Changes

Please be patient with me while I try out new designs for the blog. My intention is to make it more readable and prettier. Thanks in advance!

Picture of the Week by Jenn Held

I am so grateful that there are collectors like Jenn. They redress the new dolls and provide the rest of us with ideas and inspiration. Here is Night Warrior Vanessa wearing The Contessa's gown. The miniature book she is reading is entitled "Dracula by Bram Stoker." So cute!
See more of Jenn's beautiful doll photography here: Flickr

Frogs, Toads and Dolls

I was not a child with snails and frogs in my pocket. Even now, when working in my garden, I jump every time a hippity-hoppity frog or toad surprises me. Only recently did I realize I would not die if I touched a small frog. (I'm not sure about a large one.) The babies are easy to catch in cupped hands. I catch them to show them to Rudy. He sniffs but is not terribly interested. I think they're adorable. But toads are disgusting. They appear under damp rocks and aren't terribly happy to be discovered. The feeling is mutual.

Frogs, on the other hand, aren't ugly. I've seen beautiful, colorful ones in aquariums.

The ones in my garden are mostly greenish gray. If this fellow showed up, he'd find a home with me. Meet Kermit the Frog from the Tonner Doll Co.

Kermit is 11" tall and is designed in scale to accompany the 16" Miss Piggy. He is considered a "semi-dressed" Tonner Character Figure. Very funny, indeed. His retail price is $44.99. If I put him in my garden would the rabbits clear out and stop eating everything?

For the last several years I have noticed collectors going Gaga over a frog called Wanda. I almost bought one but came to my senses after briefly imagining indulging my impulses. BIC sells them. They have been produced in lots of colors and are limited editions. The following 3 pictures are the property of Amélie Deveau aka Aminie who gave me permission to use them here. If you click on her name, you will go to her Flickr and can see more Wandas.

A special Wanda being sold now at BIC would cost you about $96. plus postage.
This collector, "irulethegalaxy" has a Flickr photostream showing a bowl filled with what seems like the largest assortment of Wonderfrogs ever.
They're cute but how do you tell the sexes apart?

The popularity of frogs are on the rise. Gaga wears them. Doll designer, Veik, adorns a Barbie with frogs.
I will not be collecting frogs any time soon but I do see the cuteness of the cartooon-like characters.

June 19, 2010 Portraits: Vivien Leigh Tonner Scarlett OOAK

Just When You Thought Barbie Couldn't Get Worse...

...they've turned her into the housing for a video camera.

She is called "Barbie Video Girl Doll." Golly gee, what a creative title!

Here is the description from the BC.Com website:

Lights, BARBIE®, action! Barbie® doll is not just a doll, she's a video camera, too! A real video camera inside Barbie® doll features a camera lens hidden in her necklace and a video screen on her back that allows girls to record and view movies instantly. It's moviemaking from a Barbie® doll's point of view—literally! Includes USB plug-in cord. Doll is Windows/ MAC compatible. Doll cannot stand alone. For ages 5 and over.

I admit that the doll has one thing going for her, she's Mac compatible. At least someone over at Mattel has a brain. But seriously, shouldn't the doll look like a photographer or something related to movie making? I just don't get it.
Does she have to be undressed in order for her user to see the video screen? I'm intrigued now. I might have to hunt this one down just to examine it.

Anyway, the next time someone waves a freaky-looking Barbie doll at you in a bathroom,

Smile, you're on Barbie-cam!

Brides of Dracula ~ The Contessa

The Contessa arrived today, fangs and all. It's a shame I don't like fangs (on dolls, that is) because there is a lot to like about this doll!

But you can send me Eric -> or Bill -> with fangs, without fangs...any old, dead way.

The packaging is very nice with the window box showing the entire doll. Box has a magnetic closure.
Contessa's gown is a 4 layered affair - the lining, the underskirt, the wine-colored layer and an over-layer of black mesh. The trim is nicely applied around the edges of the skirt layers and there's a tiny trim of lacy edging at the bodice. The corset looks like a separate piece but is sewn on and has stitching that resembles boning. Overall the quality is excellent. Her shoes are faux leather with a decorative detail and ribbon ties. The fashion is completed with long black gloves, black stud earrings and a simple multi-strand chain choker.

The body is the surprise. She's got a full-sized Fashion Royalty bust with a slim waist and hips.The hip joints have more movement than do those of Fashion Royalty dolls and this doll can sit at a 45° angle. Nice. I am impressed with the total package in spite of the high retail price of $149.99. Many dealers are discounting the doll by $20 or more.
There is a Certificate of Authenticity but no edition size. All the CoA says is that once this edition is closed, no more will be made. That means it's an open edition. No surprise there.
See you at Fangtasia?