IT 2011 ~ Part IV of IV ~ Poppy Parker, Color Infusion, Monogram and The Event Exclusive

As usual, the new Poppy Parkers are delightful. I'm pleased they've got the more detailed eye painting back. Darla Daley is the welcome new friend of Poppy.

It's now 1964 and so many things have changed for Poppy Parker since she arrived in New York. She is now one of the most popular teenage models in New York. She has been on the cover of five fashion and teen magazines and recently scored a new gig as the face of McCalpin's Department Store for their Juniors' department.

Another new development is the arrival of Poppy's best friend, Darla Daley. They met in a record shop and now, they are inseparable. Darla is an upcoming young singer who just made her television debut on the Ted Mullivan show. Thanks to her appearance on the show, she now has her first hit single! 

The Ted Mullivan Show? LOL I wonder if many of the collectors of this line even know to whom that refers.
Foto Fab $119. Perfectly Purple $119. Youthquake $90.

Hit Single $119. Twist 'n Shout $90.

Color Infusion Collection
Amelie becomes a muse for a unique, richly hued and embellished capsule collection. The mood echoes exuberant city style through a vibrant mix of color and textures with trendsetting makeup, hair, jewelry and fashion.

Cosmic Love Amelie $125.
Rebel Spirit Amelie $125.
  What is there about being pigeon-toed that is cute?

 The Monogram Collection
Someone was asleep at the wheel with this trio.  It's the same dress in three colors and the same doll in three shades. That approach works on American Girl dolls but not here. They are called Bemused, Envied and Passionate. I call them Dark, Light and Medium.
Dark, Light and Medium. $125.
The 2011 Online Event-Exclusive Doll
Night Scape Giselle Diefendorf dressed in black shorts, black sweater and a kind of deflated puffer jacket with an over-scaled zipper for $110.
This doll is available only to W Club members until Monday February 29th at Noon.


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