2005 Fashion Royalty - A Fashionable Life - Vanessa Perrin

The year was 2005 - a year of amazing Fashion Royalty dolls including:
 Born to Gamble Kyori
 Flirtatious Veronique
Bodacious  Adele
Age of Opulence Isha

Amazing gift sets including:
Poesie Sans Couleur Vanessa

Ginza Blond and Redhead Kyori

A Fashionable Life Raven and Platinum.
It was also the year for furniture including the chaise, coffee table, liquor cabinet and bed.

I started collecting FR in earnest that year as well. I got the platinum AFL right away but it took several years to get her sister. This week, they were both redressed in Talking Drama Adele's gown. I dyed the steel blue version.
I love these dolls. There is something about handling the 'older' Fashion Royalty dolls and redressing them that is very satisfying and comfortable.

 I think I'll do Poesie next.


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