Barbie (Standard Edition) vs Barbie (Ultimate Edition)

For those of you that paid $550. for the Barbie Ultimate Edition book last year, the publisher of that book has a little surprise for you! They've come out with a so-called "trade edition" for $45.  It has the same images.

Their website says: "Following the success of the special Ultimate Collection edition published in celebration of Barnie's [sic] 50th anniversary of Barbie, Assouline has created this unique trade edition&151 [sic] and the perfect collector's item."*

*So their editing isn't the best.

The Original aka Ultimate Edition $550.00
BY Yona Zeldis McDonough
Clover board, linen presentation box
Hand tipped images
14 x 17" / 15 lbs / 128 Pages, 69 Images
The Proletariat Version aka Standard Edition:

BY Yona Zeldis McDonough
Hardcover / 9 x 12"
128 Pages, 70 Images
Both editions may be found at Angelic Dreamz


I was happy with Barbie Collector Magazine.


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