David About American Idol

David Archuleta about the new season of American idol without Simon Cowell:
"It’s hard to say he’s missed, because I know he’s going to be on another show. I’m going to get my share of Simon, but I feel like he needed to be gone in order to get that new, fresh excitement. To let people feel like they’re watching something for the first time. It they kept Simon there, it would feel like it was getting old."

He also said this about the younger "American Idols":
"It’s great that they’ve incorporated a lot of younger people, because in the earlier seasons, they discouraged younger kids from auditioning because they didn’t feel like they were ready. It’s cool that people can start following their dreams at a young age. You don’t have to wait until you’re 30 for things to happen, you can be young and motivated and be willing to work hard, and I think it’s great that they show that. Especially now, with ‘Glee’ it’s allowed a lot of kids to love music and performing at a young age. All ages watched ‘American Idol,’ but I think it was nice to be able to show kids, ‘Hey, you can be here, too.’"

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