JAMIEshow IDEX 2011 Exclusive: Sasha HOMAGE

Congratulations to Angelic Dreamz on their nomination for a DOTY Award for Sasha.

Sasha is a tribute to Alexander McQueen. She has an interchangeable head cap - one with rooted hair and one for wigs. She wears a silver lame, Swarovski crystal encrusted dress with matching tights and armadillo McQueen trademark boots. Her face paint is powder blue with matching lips, nails and pedicure. LE30.
This is a 16 inch fine resin BJD with a full articulated strung body and the first BJD to come with rooted hair. One head cap is rooted so you can comb and style her hair. You can easily change headcaps in order to use wigs. Stand included.

 Price $395.

I think she's pretty amazing and the price for this type of doll is excellent. I want one. Sigh.


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