Maison High

Early next year a new series called Maison High will permiere on Disney Channel. Here is a breif description of the series:
“At Madison High, the students embark on a journey of self discovery while trying to build a revolutionary theatre program under the tutelage of Ms. Darbus. She casts a diverse troupe of both seasoned and raw actors to create an original musical production based on their lives.”

Gary Marsh, president, entertainment and chief creative officer of Disney Channels Worldwide, said this about “Maison High,”:
“‘High School Musical’ introduced the joys of musicals and musical theater to a whole new generation and kids and families. They embraced the themes explored in those movies — about expressing oneself and following your dreams. And now, with ‘Madison High,’ we hope to give kids a whole new set of characters with whom to engage – along with more great original music, dance numbers and songs.”

Here is the cast:
Alyson Reed as Ms. Darbus
Luke Benward as Devin Daniels
Leah Lewis as Peyton Hall
G Hannelius as Wednesday Malone

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