New Ellowyne and Evangeline Items at Wilde Imagination & Free Shipping

Some very pretty new items went up on the Wilde Imagination sites today. For Ellowyne there are two new dressed dolls, one new basic and three new outfits. The new dolls have inset eyes. The dolls look more alive to me with inset eyes. Both dolls are LE 1,000

Tears of Endearment $149.00        Wit's End    $155.00
 Wit's End must be channeling Daniel Boone era. Perhaps she's a dancehall girl from old western movies.

The new outfits below, seem to be toned down compared to prior releases. All are LE 1,000.
Stolen Moments $74.00        Fur Real $74.00        Ties That Bind $79.00
 For Evangeline there are 10 new outfit items that have been added since I looked last week. They are blouses, skirts, jackets a cape and a bustier ranging in price from $58. to $72. One can buy the "Attic Collection Three" for the tidy sum of $520. It includes all ten items. There are definitely four must haves in that group - maybe 5....

The items are gorgeous!
There is a period of free shipping until the end of February in the continental US with a purchase of at least $75. Add the promo code SPRING11 to your order form.
I'm not thrilled with the articulation/engineering of Evangeline. I like to play with my dolls and pose them and photograph them. These girls are awkward and difficult to pose. Their joints are kicky. Their heads do not move properly. They can't sit up. I may not buy any more dolls in the line until they improve the poseability. It's definitely not out of the range of the company's abilities. I have less expensive dolls with better articulation. I know that people were influenced by my first reviews and bought dolls. The market definitely has room to grow. The quality of the product needs to grow to meet the demands of a discerning collector. I'm sad to say that Evangeline has the least posing ability of any other fully articulated doll in my collection.


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