Instructions from Mattel:
"Customize. Personalize. Play! Barbie Basics is all about permission to play and now Barbie Basics takes the fashion basic—denim—to new heights! This line of 12 dolls (9 girls and 3 boys) come in a variety of denim jeans featuring different cuts and colors with details such as real pockets and metal grommets. Each doll has a unique T-shirt to coordinate with the jeans. Each pair of girl jeans also features an embroidered “B” (Barbie logo) on one back pocket."

I'm relieved that I've been given permission to play. Phew!

Anyway, I think these dolls are fabulous in concept. If I collected Barbies, I'd buy every single one of them plus the accessory packs, especially if they had articulated bodies. Can you imagine?

I wonder why there is only one dark-skinned female doll out of 9 dolls. Am I missing something here?  Photos on the doll boards are showing that the clothes are fitting the Nu Face and Poppy Integrity bodies!
The going price at dealers is $24.95 for the dolls and $19.95 for the accessory packs. Amazon and eBay are overpriced. I've heard that Target in southern Florida is selling them at irregularly reduced prices.

BTW George at Angelic Dreamz told me today that he thinks he has them all in stock.


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