Tonner Pre-Toy Fair Release

 I'm just going to highlight just a few of the new releases. Stranger characters first.

Kermit The Frog - Wild Frogs (LE500) Price $69.99
He's cute, if you like frogs. I love the jacket. Kermit is 11" tall and is good friends with Miss Piggy.  ;-)
Futterwacken (LE300) Price $249.99
If I could rent this doll for a week, I'd do it. That's how I am with outrageous character dolls. I like them for a short period of time and then they get tiring. There's no point to redressing because their fashions and make up are what makes them special. I absolutely love the costume on this doll as I loved Tarrant, The Mad Hatter's costume previously.
Johnny Depp  head sculpt, 17" Mat O'Neill body, green eyes with red wigged hair, lily skintone.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dee (LE 100) $374. Set
These characters from Alice in Wonderland are resin. Outfits are removable but shoes and socks are painted. They have 5 points of articulation.
I always thought their names were Tweedle Dee Dee and Tweedle Dee Dum.
They were very funny in the movie and for an Alice fan, they will be an enchanting addition to a collection. They are cute.
2011 Cami Wigged Basic (LE500) Price $109.99
 This Cami comes with two wigs. The other one :
 The best thing about her is the inset eyes. That's a new feature - besides the fact that she and her sister releases do not have crimped hair. Yay. The other new Camis do not have inset eyes.
Damon Salvatore (LE1000) Price $169.99

 Thud! This guy is hot. He represents a character from the Vampire Diaries.
Damon has the 17" Matt O'Neill body, blue eyes and brunette wigged hair. Wigged hair on a male doll is, to me, always superior as it lays better.
James Collins (LE 500)
17" Matt O'Neill™ Body; Brown Eyes, Raven Hair, Tan Skintone
Price $ 189.99
James Collins is so vanilla compared to Damon and reminds me of Lord Asriel from the Golden Compass - at least his suit does.  He should have been given a wig, too.
Daniel Craig is so hot.
You can see the rest at
Don't forget, there will be more on February 11, 2011.


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