How Can A Doll (Without Sexual Organs) Be Gay?

Tonner talks! Andy Mills is gay.
Does he frequent gay bars? Will he carry tiny condoms in a tiny wallet? Will he be a vehicle to educate the doll collecting masses about safe sex? Or is this a very clever attempt to reach into the closet and fill it with dolls?

I always thought Matt O'Neil was gay.  Tonner should have had Matt come out of the closet. There could have been scenes in which an anguished Matt confesses to Tyler that he's always had feelings for Russell.  The Joker could play the therapist.  (Matt sees him as a joker anyway.) Then Tyler can throw him out. They've been married less than 2 years. So sad. All this time and she had no idea. He's been working late almost every night.

I can picture the scene in my doll room when my guests and my little cousins come over. I will introduce my dolls and give a little back story (on those that have a back story) and when I get to Andy...I...well...uh...I usually don't discuss my dolls in terms of their sexual preference. But he will be in a far corner of the cabinet eyeing Trent. I'll have to say something.

Andy Mills LE 500  $179.99
Without Glasses

Some collectors' thoughts on this topic: 
" I might never get the "mate." If I did get an Andy, and he hooked up with whoever here -- then there you go."
"It was just his storyline & represents a part of our community."
"It could also be a marketing strategy, as "gay" dolls like "Billy", have sold very well in the past."
"I pay no attention to story lines."
"I think dolls represent who we are as people. Dolls are in relationships and get married in the Tyler Wentworth universe, and even have children together in Barbie's world. Tyler got "Married" to Matt. Many collectors do photostories where their dolls enact real life scenarios, have partners and relationships, and personality traits like real humans."
Here is another collector's opinion which I thought was very valuable and insightful:

I think this kind of marketing is a wonderful phenomenon -- although, of course, no matter what the story line of a doll, the collector can give that doll whatever role/identity/etc., he or she wants after purchasing the doll.

I say this from the perspective of a 66 year-old woman who grew up during the 50's and 60's when such things were not talked about/not even KNOWN about --

So many people from my generation who are gay and lesbian did not even KNOW such a lifestyle even EXISTED, and so many of us married and had kids, etc., because they thought this was the ONLY way of life there was --
(( I attended a discussion group a few years ago with about 100+ older lesbians, and the moderator asked the question how many of us had been married (to men) and almost ALL the hands went up -- and how many had had children, and probably 75% of the hands went up, and I realized -- I wasn't the only one that this had happened to --
I DO have two wonderful adult sons, and five adorable grandchildren, which I would not have had otherwise, but --- If I had realized this back in the mid 60�s, I could have saved myself seven years of miserable marriage, and my ex husband and kids the grief and upheaval of divorce and all its aftermath (so many long stories.)

I know this seems incredibly naive to younger people who grew up knowing that this alternative lifestyle existed, and that they did have a choice about how to live their own lives.

Therefore, I think that the more famous people who "come out" and the more things like gay dolls, and the media coverage -- all lead to a more educated generation who KNOW there are others like them, and that they CAN live a life authentic to themselves, etc., etc., etc -- and knowing all this I am sure also helps the isolated gay kid better able to stand up to bullies out there who might pick on them because they are "different"

I feel, in general that, because of courageous actors, actresses, comedians, singers, and yes --even dolls -- everyone is so much better off, and I applaud Mr. Tonner for producing and marketing a doll as a gay doll!
And --
Personally, since all my dolls reflect me -- ALL my dolls are gay and lesbian, even the ones playing the parts of the sheiks and their wives, the rebs and rebbitzens, the bride and groom , etc. Those are just roles they play in my various photo shoots.

I am totally delighted that there is now an OFFICIALLY GAY Tonner guy!

And, Terri, feel free to use my name if you use my comments. I am 100% "out and proud!



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