Carol Roth Markets Her New Book and Doll to the W Club

Carol Roth, aka CJ, is the owner of and her company operates the W Club. The book is called The Entrepreneur Equation. There is a post on the W Club board which explains what the book is about. (Hint: it's not dolls.)

According to the post, the doll was created for the press
and Carol has set aside several (?) hundred for Club members. In order to get the doll you have to buy 6 books at $25. each. If you live in the States, that amounts to $150 plus $13 shipping.  Outside of the USA, shipping is $40. and you don't get the books at all, just the doll - except in Canada.

"Because of the outsourced fulfillment for this particular project, we are unable to send books outside of Canada and the US through our provider." In English that means that the company (provider/outsourcer) that is doing the shipping for them doesn't ship overseas.

I've just gotten 
an entire business lesson 
trying to 

The doll uses the Anja sculpt and is on a Nu.Face body. She is dressed in a simple black sheath and comes with pink heels, a black handbag and a miniature version of the book.

It's a cute doll. 
The W Club is a business.


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