Who Is This Doll and Why Are They Calling Her Veronique?

Most of my readers know by now that the re-designing of Veronique is something I was opposed to. I believe she should have been discontinued if anything at all.  She is unique and was one of the two characters that launched the Fashion Royalty line. How can she be improved upon? She can't.
She can only become a new character. But the decision was made two years ago and the new Veronique has finally been introduced as Modern Comeback Noir and Blonde.  Each edition is 500 dolls and retails for $90. directly from IT. The opportunity to purchase the dolls has been offered as a lottery to W Club members only.

My personal reaction to these dolls is underwhelming. I was hoping for something I could love - something that attempted to be better than I expected - but what I got was ho-hum. Just another nice face and nice lingerie. Nothing new. This is not a comeback it is a drawback.
This doll should have been offered to all who wanted to buy her, not as a lottery. There are going to be lots of disappointed W Club members.


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